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Hospital Screen



Newsail medical screen solved the last gap with hospital disinfection.

In the past, the screen partition system is difficult to sterilize, the disinfection cost is high, and the disinfection is not complete.

We designed portable medical screen, using the world's highest standards of germ-board and aviation aluminum.

Anti - corrosion, anti - stain, easy to clean, and the service life of more than 10 years.

In terms of infection control, we adopt A+ antibacterial plate, which has passed iso22196:2011, JIS Z2801 and ASTM G21 independent tests, and can keep the product surface more sanitary cleaning to resist infection.

Effectively inhibited 8 kinds of bacteria and 5 kinds of bacteria;2 hours can reduce up to 99.5% of microbial silver ion technology; Active ingredients are not filtered.

During routine disinfection, only 75% alcohol is required to wipe the surface to remove all stains and achieve a full bacteria-killing effect

In terms of environmental protection, we use a sterilizer board, which is assembled by aviation aluminum. There is no secondary pollution, and the overall formaldehyde content is zero.

In terms of space design, we adopt a flexible design that can be divided and moved.

When the hospital needs to create partition space, the partition can be built quickly, which greatly reduces most engineering installation costs and time costs.

When there is no need for screen space, and can be retractable freely, fast folding, 2.4 meters partition, only 14cm space to storage, in the visual does not constitute any obstacles.

In terms of privacy, we can do the best. The combination of plate and aviation aluminum forms absolute shade, no light and no shadow, which guarantees the privacy of patients to the greatest extent and provides a better medical environment.

In terms of color, we have more than 100 kinds of colors that can be produced, with the most complete hue and the widest brightness and chromaticity, just like the professional color palette of interior designers, which can meet the characteristic construction of each hospital.

Therefore, we are committed to making newsail medical screen become the "invisible nurse" of our hospital.


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